Music Teacher Audition & Application Stage

How to prepare for your audition and video application

About Music Teacher Jobs

Instrumental Audition Video

Video 1:

Please prepare a video audition of yourself performing on your instrument, demonstrating your technical capability. We are happy to accept older video performances as your audition if you cannot film yourself performing.


  • One performance piece on each instrument you’ve applied to teach,
  • Each performance can be between 2 minutes to 7 minutes in length,
  • The file must be submitted via the link below.

For any questions, please contact our Teacher Support team.

Video 2:

Please prepare a video interview application of yourself, demonstrating your personality and background. Use the questions below as a guide, and feel free to add any more details you feel is relevant to your application.

Questions to answer: (Click Here for Printable PDF)

  • Your name, age, and your instruments.
  • Do you study?
    • Where do you study?
    • What do you study?
    • How far into your studies are you?
    • What do you hope to do after you complete your studies?
  • Do you have previous teaching experience?
    • What can you tell us about your previous teaching experience?
    • Who were the students you’ve previously taught?
    • Are you still teaching your students?
    • Who was your most experienced student?
    • Have you taken students through exams?
  • What interests you in teaching music?
  • From your previous experience as a music student, what did you admire about your music teachers?
  • Most new teachers model their previous teacher’s style and approach to lessons, is there anything you would do differently to how you were taught?
  • If you haven’t completed your exam journey, do you have aspirations to complete a Certificate of Performance or Diploma level exam?
  • Most of our students come to us as complete beginners, would you feel confident teaching experienced students alongside beginner students?

For any questions, please contact our Teacher Support team.